Sunday December 14, 2003

Where is home?

(Yet another meme, this one from the Saturday Slant.)
They say home is where the heart is. So where is your heart? Are you lucky enough to be living in the place that you've also wanted to, or is your heart beckoned to somewhere else? Perhaps your soulmate lives elsewhere, and home is with him or her. Maybe the mysteries of Shri Lanka or the romance of Tuscany hold for you the promise of home. Where is your home? Why is it home? How did you get there, or how do you intend to get there? Where will you hang that "Home Sweet Home" plaque, and why that place?

Home is where Rich and the cats are. Wherever we are together, that is home.

For the past 19 years, home has been the San Francisco Bay Area. For 15+ years, home has been our current location in San Bruno, a smallish town/suburb on the SF Peninsula. Home is due west of SFO, on one edge of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The weather is perfect; we're close to both Nature and Civilization. We're close to enough shopping areas for our needs, the kinds of restaurants we like. We get raccoons in our back yard at night.

This isn't a perfect house but it's a good house, well-made, well-insulated, large enough for our needs, on a nice lot with a back garden and trees behind us. We're just far enough from the neighbors; we're private enough. Location, location, and location are all nearly perfect.

We've talked about were we would go if we went somewhere else. Maybe the North Coast. But we always come back to agreeing that where we are is pretty darn nice. If it's not perfect, it's the next best thing.

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