Saturday December 13, 2003

Fat-free (or Carb-free) Still Isn't "Free"

I recall an article I read a few years ago. The author recounted his discovery of some non-fat cookies at the local "Quik Stop Gas & Shop" when he stopped in for a fill-up on his way home from work. The cookies were delicious (and fat-free!) so he began to make a habit of stopping to buy a bag of cookies on his way home every day. It was only after he gained 5-10 ponds that he read the label. While the cookies were fat free they weren't sugar free (and they certainly weren't calorie free!).

I've personally seen "fat free" brownies with a half-inch of chocolate fudge icing slathered on top! They had more icing than the "regular" (with fat) version! They're certainly yummy but they are not a "low calorie food".

Despite some recent surprising study results, a calorie still counts for something. Replacing fat with sugar (or carbohydrates with fats and proteins) may not produce the weight-loss results you're hoping for.

A recent article in USA Today notes

An explosion of low-carb foods designed especially for people on Atkins-type diets is contributing to diet failure".
The problem : Dieters are eating too many of these new low-carb protein bars, muffins and brownie mixes, which are low in carbohydrates but often high in calories.

The trend is similar to the problems dieters faced in the 1980s and 1990s: eating too much low-fat processed food and still piling on the calories.

Simply put, just because you bought a box of "low-carb baking mix", doesn't mean you can happily go back to having bread with every meal and a "short stack" every day for breakfast. Unfortunately, even in the world of "low-carbing", Eat Less (Eat Better) is still the most important motto in the struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

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