Wednesday December 10, 2003

Ode to the Chiropractor

It's no secret. I see a chiropractor every 4 to 6 weeks for a maintenance adjustment (aka "tuneup"). I don't know what I'd do without that visit. (Actually, I do know. I'd be in pain, or at least decidedly uncomfortable. That's the whole point.)

I have some trouble with my back and neck. My low back — due to some accidental misuse about 5 years ago — tends to get "twitchy" if I'm not very careful. My neck tends to get "kinked up" and stiff if I'm stressed (or just every few weeks). Probably because I sit in front of a computer a lot.

I've learned to make some changes. I don't carry heavy bags or briefcases on one shoulder or in one hand; that makes me lopsided and puts a strain on my lower back. I can't lean forward and twist anymore and I have to be careful how I lift things. I use a "knee chair" or a "ball chair" at the computer and a rolled up pad under my lower back when reading or sleeping. I visit the chiropractor regularly.

Sometimes, I know I'm a bit behind. My neck is stiff or I've noticed a kink in my back. Sometimes, like today, he'll say "Good one! It's good you didn't wait another week". No matter what, I always feel better (and a little looser and a little taller) after an adjustment.

I have no way-out expectations. Chiropractic doesn't cure cancer or heart disease or asthma. (Although, my previously frequent bouts of stomach upset following attendance at trade shows were linked directly to kinking up my lower back, causing pressure on the wrong nerves). I do believe that many things are inter-conncected and chiropractic may help those connections. At the very least, it keeps me feeling "normal" and comfortable. That's the best thing.

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