Tuesday December 9, 2003

Circle of Words - #48

I'm trying something new. Circle of Words is one of several "memes" on the web right now. It's been ongoing for almost a year now; this is week 48 and I've only just found it!

Circle of Words is

...a weekly set of questions that are somewhat personal, spiritual, and will explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. Hopefully these questions will provide you with a little bit of  personal therapy and allow your readers a little peek inside your soul.

Each question will first start off with a quote from someone famous, or not so famous, which relates to the topic of the question. There may be one or several questions afterwards.

This week's questions are (surprise :-) about Christmas.

Only Seventeen Shopping Days Till Christmas

Giving presents is a talent; to know what a person wants, to know when and how to get it, to give it lovingly and well.
- Pamela Glenconner
1.   Do you enjoy Christmas shopping? Who do you enjoy shopping for? Do you find it frustrating to shop for certain people? Who and Why?

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

There is only one deprivation. . . and that is not to be able to give one's gifts to those one loves most.
- May Sarton
2.  The holidays sometimes cause us to try to do too many things at once. Our loved ones may go without because we offer our time to others. Do you tend to spread yourself too thin at the holidays? What types of things do you commit to that you wish you wouldn't?

There is a Santa Claus

Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

- Francis P. Church

3.  Do you remember how you found out that your parents were actually Santa Claus? How old were you? If you have children, do they still believe? If so, what sort of traditions do you carry on in regards to Santa. Do they write a letter, leave cookies, etc?

Giving Presents — I answered a similar question last Friday.

I don't much enjoy shopping in general and over the past decade I have become less and less enamored of Christmas shopping - the rush, the pressure, the counting (dollars and people), the crowds, the traffic, the requirement. So, a few years ago... we stopped. We don't do this anymore. Our relatives and friends are free to buy/make/give us presents or not, as they choose, and we are free to do the same.

That said, I do enjoy buying and giving gifts, once the pressure is off to do so for a specific number of people on a particular day of the year. I find it much easier now that we discover, buy, and give gifts when the mood strikes, when we see something that would be perfect for a special person.

Time — Again, we've "given ourselves permission" to opt out of the stress of the holidays and we've told our relatives that they may feel they may do the same in respect to us. The holidays are a pleasant time now, a time to rest and relax.

Santa Claus — What?!?! My parents were Santa Claus?

I think I always knew that my parents were Santa's helpers. And sometime around the time I was 12 or so, I became a helper too, sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to hang a special ball on the Christmas tree, then coming back upstairs to fill stockings for Mom & Dad. After all, why should only us kids get all the fun.

When I was a child we always hung stockings but we never left milk & cookies. Maybe, if we'd had a fireplace and chimney, things would have been different ;-) Rich and I don't have human kids and our furkids don't much care if Sandy Claws brings them a special treat or not (although 4 cat children in the house does rather limit our decorating possibilities).

I find I prefer to believe Francis Church's 1897 response to Virginia O'Hanlon.

No Santa Claus! Thank GOD! He lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

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