Saturday December 6, 2003


I've started a new Yahoo group / mailing list called InsPURRation: CatPURRSons Life Support. The rationale is simple.
We are the ones who have high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart attacks, not cats. -- Roger Caras

We all have bad days. The car won't start, your son has a fender-bender, the water pipes break, work gave you a migraine, you sprain your ankle, lose your checkbook, argue with your spouse.

Some days are much worse. You suffer a fire; a parent has Alzheimers; a good friend dies; the car is totaled; the medical diagnosis is bad.

Yet, sometimes there are rainbows on the darkest day. A friend calls; a loved one sends you flowers; you read an uplifting poem; you try a soothing new tea or find a piece of inspirational music. A rift is healed; the diagnosis is benign; an argument is settled. Pandora's box also held hope.

The group will allow people to ask for support (or expressions of sympathy) when needed. It will be all right to vent on occasion. Everyone needs to blow off steam sometimes.

However, in order that this group not become a "dumping ground" for nothing but negative thoughts and bad days, I've added a little twist to the charter and echoed that twist in the name (InsPURRation).

Think of Pandora's Box. No matter how bad things seem, we (should) always have hope. To provide balance, members are asked to share anything insPURRational and suPURRtive that they can think of, including poems, stories, or a bright event in their days.

We with cats fully understand the concept of a stress-free life (although we may be unable to put those concepts into practice for ourselves on a day-to-day basis). After all,

You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense. -- Jane Pauley
(Non-"catPURRsons" are, of course welcome to join :-)

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