Saturday November 29, 2003

Cat Show

We went to a TICA Show (Fog City Cat Club) in Pleasanton CA today. There must have been three aisles of Bengals! Lots of Bengal kittens too!

There were some splendid Maine Coon representatives including a cousin of Squirrel's (Holdermaine's Prowler) who is a Very Handsome boycat! He's a red-shaded silver (w/o white) so looks much the same as Squirrel except he has apricot tabby-marked feet)-- at 18 months he's a BIG boy with enormous feet. He will be extraordinary when he's full grown; he looks like he will have an awesome ruff. He's being shown as an alter. We've met his mama and she's a stunner so we can see where he gets his looks!

There was one cage (case?) with 5 Chausies - they're pretty ticked kitties and they were all sleeping on each other. There were some Japanese Bobtails, some very sleepy Pixie Bobs, a beautiful calico female Best HHP who could easily be a MC in disguise, some very handsome Abys, quite a few well groomed Persians (all looking like stuffed teddy bears), a gorgeous little caramel colored torbie female MC who will be a perfect princess one of these days (she was still in kitten class so right now she's just a doll baby :-)

I fell in love with several brown tabby MC males. But, I hadn't brought a big duffle bag with me so I couldn't smuggle anyone home (giggle)!

It was great fun to go (even if it was an hour both ways) and we took my parents who had never been to a cat show and had never seen some of these breeds. I like TICA shows best. I bought a stuffed toy "Bengal" which is probably the closest I'll ever get to a Bengal. He came with a black feather boa "collar" which I removed - now I have to get him another collar to cover the glue mark on his neck :-( But the kitty kids would have eaten the feathers. (If you like my "Bengal" you can get one here)

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