Tuesday November 4, 2003

Open Sesame!

Do you have trouble opening vacuum-sealed jar lids? (If not, you're probably one of the lucky few!). We just discovered there's a trick to it (if you don't need to re-use the lids) and we're happy to share!

We were whomping up a big batch of pork & sauerkraut yesterday evening (in my family, we serve sauerkraut with Thanksgiving dinner; to do that, we need to prepare the sauerkraut in advance; besides, pork&sauerkraut makes a good winter meal and it freezes well).

So... there we were, needing to open 4 or 5 large (32-oz) vacuum-sealed jars of sauerkraut. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, my mother bought sauerkraut in sealed plastic bags in the deli section, but here in California, that's not possible. So... jars. Large jars. 4-inch-diameter jars. The diameter of both of my hands. No way can I open these jars. So, I called in the hubbyman! His hands are bigger.

He oomphed. He grunted, He braced himself... Then a lightbulb went off over his head and he said "I wonder if I poked a hole in the lid..." As he opened the drawer for an aluminum potato nail I said "Wait! What about a can opener? The old style!". And whaddya know?

It worked!

Hot Diggedy Doodles. Even I can open these jars now.

The only problem is... if you don't have one of these can openers in your drawer, you'll have a hard time finding one! Maybe at a flea market. Or, maybe you can use an ice pick.

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