Wednesday September 17, 2003

What's Up? - Mac OS X Bits & Pieces

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone... not much to report. Some minor technical successes... (but would I really want to consider doing tech support for a living?)

I spent far too long trying to install an Epson Stylus Color InkJet printer under Mac OS X. We bought the printer 6 months or more ago, then never quite got around to installing it. In the meantime, I had mislaid the CD with the drivers... so I went to the Epson web page, naturally. However, I naively assumed that a Stylus C42UX printer was a "C40 series" printer. It's not... After several days of back and forth with the Epson Tech Support people by email (plus trying a different cable, etc), I discovered a totally different file I had downloaded months ago and forgotten I had. With a totally different name. Apparently the Stylus C42UX is a "C42 series" printer. Well, Duh. I wonder where that file is on the web site... I never saw it this time around. By the way, the printer works beautifully... now.

If you've ever gone searching for a nice word processing program that lets you create your own stationery, with background images that don't get written over, search no more. Take a look at LetterWorks from objectpark.development. Sorry, Windoze users, it's Mac OS X only. Time to switch? :-)

We made a pilgrimage to the Apple Store in Burlingame this evening; it's so nice to have a pleasant shopping experience where the sales folks are technically knowledgeable and know the product! We picked up a new Canon USB flatbed scanner (the CanoScan LiDE 30). Our previous scanner (a CanoScan N1240U) will go to a friend we are upgrading to Mac OS X. It's a pretty little scanner (the two models are virtually identical; it's just that I figure if I paid for it I get to keep the newer one :-) Canon has (finally) developed a Mac OS X native driver (although the included image editing program still runs under Classic mode); if you have PhotoShop 7.0 you can import and edit images in X. We're still waiting (impatiently) for the Mac OS X native port of ColorIt!... due any time now...

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