Sunday August 10, 2003

Hearing New Voices

One of the best things about the WWW is how much interesting information is available - how many new things you can learn if you keep your eyes open. Weblogs make even more information available, as people share links, news, and personal stories. The WWW is both a community and a community-enhancing tool.
Though there's a lot of talk about newspapers and politicians and celebrities having weblogs, we are continually reminded that the most amazing thing about weblogs is how they let average people share their unique perspectives on life.
The above quote is from Six Log, the weblog for Six Apart, the company behind Moveable Type (the weblog engine I use for this weblog) and TypePad (a new weblog service). Here's more:
Two of the sites that have caught our attention recently are Bionic Ear Blog by Meryl Evans and Perry Miller's Cochlear Implants: A Mate's Perspective .

As the title of Perry's site suggests, both weblogs are about cochlear implant technology, which is restoring or improving hearing function for people who've lived most of their lives with profound hearing loss. Reading about these experiences allows all of us to learn from someone who is going through the implantation procedure or to follow someone whose spouse is learning to live a new life enabled by these remarkable devices. It's a good reminder that the best technologies are those that help us communicate with the people who matter in our lives.

[c.f. Hearing New Voices on Six Log]

I've been interested, at least peripherally, in deafness, Deaf culture, and related areas, since I picked up a copy of "A Basic Course in Manual Communication" (publ. by the Nat'l Association of the Deaf), way back when I was in High School. Then I took an American Sign Language (ASL) course, and another...

I've been using the WWW since its infancy in 1994. In the past few years, I have become more and more interested in the social engineering aspects of the web, from simple "home pages" to online forums, Wikis, weblogs, and so much more...,. I continue to be fascinated by the many ways in which web technologies help people to communicate, collaborate, socialize, and interact with each other.

... the best technologies are those that help us communicate with the people who matter in our lives.

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