Wednesday August 6, 2003

Bird Brain

We have been putting out sunflower seed for the birds and squirrels, as well as corn and peanuts for the squirrels. Occasionally I put out a walnut or two. Generally I crack the walnuts first. Today I didn't bother.

Our backyard fauna also includes Scrub Jays, a rather intelligent sort of bird, as birds go. Until today, it never occurred to me that Jays might like walnuts.

I heard a funny rapping, so I looked out the window. The Jay had gotten a walnut out of the squirrel feeder (good trick! I wonder if he did it with his foot) and placed it on top of the feeder, against the backboard. He was trying to crack the shell with his beak. Wap! Wap! He wasn't making much progress. (One wonders what would have happened if he had been successful. Could he have gotten his beak caught in the walnut shell?)

Finally he hit the walnut a little too hard and POPped it over the back board and down into the garden... so he went back to the feeder and started pecking at another walnut.

I waited a little while, then went out with the cracker and cracked all four walnuts just a little, so they'd be open.

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