Friday July 18, 2003


I've been out to do a little work in the garden, mostly deadheading the roses. These are delightful roses, disease-resistant, exuberant, easy to care for but they are NOT (ouch) thornless, oh my no.

Bebop came out and helped (actually, Bebop had his own agenda, which involved lying in the sun, rolling around on his back on the path, and enjoying the breeze in his fur).

Rich and I subscribe to the laissez faire form of gardening (or Rich's term, "Hack and Hew" gardening). Which means if it's dead, or sharp at eye level, or obstructing the path, we cut it back or take it out, but otherwise the garden is pretty much on its own. It's not a carefully pruned garden but it's attractive and colorful. This is not to say I don't like to see photos of more carefully pruned gardens, or from folks with the time and willingness to plant annuals! (I have friends who send photos of their gardens -- Marian and Carm, I wish I could just sit in your gardens for a while! May I bring Bebop? :-)

Raven was not pleased that Bebop got to go out in the backyard; Raven was convinced that Bebop was having an adventure to which he (Raven) was not invited. The fact that this was true doesn't make it easier to accept!

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