Friday July 11, 2003

Yogurt tasting

There have been a number of articles recently that indicate that people who include dairy in their diets, when trying to lose weight, have more success than those who give up dairy. Low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, and yogurt are mentioned. (Unfortunately, ice cream's high fat and sugar counteracts the effects of the dairy aspect. sigh).

Unfortunately, while I'm willing to drink milk (the lower-fat the better), I've always found store-bought yogurt to be sour (though I am very fond of Indian raita and Greek tzatziki). The question was, is there any commercial yogurt I'd be willing to eat... or one that Rich would eat... and would there be one we both liked?

So, for fun we did a taste test.

I bought 8 different yogurts, all "blueberry" for comparison (because blueberry is very common). We invited a friend over so we'd have three opinions. I got out 24 tiny Dixie paper bathroom cups and labeled them in threes with a number 1-8. We labeled the bottoms of the yogurt containers "at random" and turned them bottom-up on the counter. Then, also pretty much at random, I'd grab a set of cups, find that numbered container of yogurt, open the yogurt and stir it up and put a spoonful in each cup. Then I'd put one cup on each of three plates. Repeat till all cups were filled.

Each of us got a plate with 8 little cups, a spoon, a glass of water to "rinse the palate", and a paper towel (to clean the spoon if any of the yogurts proved to be too nasty. As we tasted the yogurts (choosing at random) we each divided the cups into "Like it", "Hmmm", and "No".

After we finished tasting, we went back and compared Good, Bad, and Indifferent, discussed reasons, and who thought what about which yogurt. Here are our results.

Yogurt Rich Gene Vicki Comments
1 No No No Yuck!
2 iffy iffy iffy sour cream taste
3 good good good whole berries
4 iffy iffy iffy might make a good dip
5 eh no eh no flavor / not tasty
6 ok good good sweet, whole berries, purple
7 no ok ok  
8 ok no no slightly musty flavor

The yogurts were:

  1. Continental / Nonfat / Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom
  2. Berkeley Farms / Lowfat / Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom
  3. Yoplait Lite / Fat free / Blueberry Patch
  4. Brown Cow / Whole Milk Cream Top / Blueberry
  5. Wallaby Organic / Lowfat / Blueberry
  6. Yoplait Original / 99% fat free / Mountain Blueberry
  7. Horizon Organic / Fat free / Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom
  8. Dannon / Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom

July 17, 2003

Since the tasting, I've discovered that I rather like Lemon yogurt. Western Family brand (I think it's local) is pretty good; like a lightly lumpy lemon pudding with a faint whiff of sour cream that dissipate quickly. Yoplait Lite Lemon pie flavor is smooth and yummy. The only objection I have to Yoplait is the containers aren't re-sealable.

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