Thursday June 26, 2003

Too Darn Hot

It is w*a*r*m in San Bruno today. A little too warm if you ask me; indoor thermometers are registering 85 - 89 depending on the location. Supposedly 85 outside. 97 in the sunroom. 116 on the (2nd floor) screenporch! (and all the windows are open AND the fan is running!). Nobody is out on the screen porch.

The cat thermometers are registering 90.

Our weather patterns being what they are:

    Monday was chilly; I didn't take a jacket into The City because I knew I would be inside all day. The 4 block walk back to the BART (train) station was c*h*i*l*l*y and windy.

    Tuesday I took a jacket; it was cool but not quite as chilly or windy. The jacket was sufficient into the evening.

    Wednesday was quite warm; we went out for a hot dog at lunchtime and I removed the long-sleeved shirt I had brought to contend with the air conditioning inside. When we got home at 6 we both changed into shorts and I took a cool shower.

    Today we have all the windows open and all the ceiling fans going.

    By tomorrow or Saturday at the latest I expect the fog to roll in.

Rich just said "Next time I complain that it's too foggy or windy, whap me upside the head, OK?"

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