Wednesday June 25, 2003

3 long days under WWDC

I spent Monday - Wednesday (9am - 6pm) manning a small MacTech booth in the Exhibits Hall for WWDC (Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference). The conference was well attended - 3800 people. The Exhibit Hall had some 70 exhibitors - and essentially no "customers".

Part of the problem was the location. In the past, WWDC has always been in the San Jose Convention Center. Exhibits, break areas, sessions, lunch, have always been on the same level of the building. But this year, WWDC was moved from May to June and from San Jose to San Francisco, to the new Moscone West convention center building. The exhibits (and lunch) were on the first floor. Sessions and break areas were on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Except for lunch (2 hours each day) there are no scheduled breaks at WWDC. So, people either hurry from session to session, or spend short breaks talking to friends, checking email, grabbing a snack - this year, all on the 2nd and 3rd floors. One (or two) levels above the Exhibit Hall.

From 9 to noon and again from 2 to 6, the Exhibit Hall was a desert. One exhibitor, across the aisle from the MacTech booth, decided to pack it in and give up around 3pm Tuesday. Unfortunately for him, the Powers That Be (the show organizers) put a stop to his plan. So... he logged out the computer and left the building. Someone else did the teardown on Wednesday afternoon. They could stop him from dismantling his booth but they couldn't keep him on the floor.

Monday I people-watched (mostly the other exhibitors). Tuesday and Wednesday I brought my Powerbook. I discovered Bejeweled - it's worth the hype, I think. Quite pretty and a nice diversion for those long dry periods when there is nothing else to do. I could play until someone came up to drop off their free trial subscription card, talk to that person for a moment, then return to the game. No real state to maintain or concentration to break. One of the other vendors stopped by and said "You must really like games". Actually, I rarely play games... except when I am very, very bored. This week I downloaded and tried over a dozen games for Mac OS X - and I registered 4. I must have been really bored :/

Also at the show: ayoine who ever used a Yoyo CallerID device on Mac OS 8 should check out the PhoneValet from Parliant. PhoneValet will be released soon... I've been waiting for this product for several years!

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