Wednesday June 11, 2003

Finding Nemo

We saw Finding Nemo last night. The movie is fun and intensely colorful (I felt like I was inside a screen saver :-).

There are some darker parts than previous Pixar films (especially the introduction, which evokes memories of Bambi and Dumbo). Although it was important to understand why the main characters were a single fishfather and his son, and to understand the personalities of both, it was still something of a downer beginning.

Nevertheless, the movie perked up after that and moved along, ahem, swimmingly. All the the characters are well actualized and believable. Dorie is fun. Everything seems very real. I thought the seagulls were particularly well defined and very very funny.

Overall a fun movie and worth seeing. Take the kids but see it for yourself too. See it in a theatre; it's worth the large screen experience. Stay through the credits; they're entertaining.

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