Monday May 26, 2003

Movie Review: Ballistic

Lights! Camera! Action!

BallisticDVD.jpeg Violence: Only to those who really deserve it
Rated R

If you like action movies and have not seen Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever - do so. It's quite good. Lots of car chases (but no upset vegetable carts). Set in Vancouver. Lucy Liu is lots of fun to watch.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The good guys win,
  • the bad guys lose,
  • the potentially expendable characters aren't expended,
  • the direction is good,
  • the camera work is well done,
  • the pyrotechnical budget must have been ENORMOUS.

The only downside is that it was occasionally a little difficult to understand some of the dialog; I played the DVD with English subtitles on (one of the joys of DVD; w/o this feature we could never have watched Gosford Park at all). I missed some of the introductory background, maybe because I didn't quite catch it, maybe because it wasn't explicit.

Ignore the blurb on the back cover; it's a little off the mark (basically written by someone who scanned the synopsis and didn't see the movie). Here's a synopsis of the plot:

  • Bad guys are something called DIA; good guys are FBI
  • Some of the DIA guys work in "traditional law enforcement" (so either they are undercover spies or only some of the DIA folks have gone bad).
  • Ecks (Antonio Banderas) is ex-FBI; his wife was killed up 7 years ago, now he drinks, stock "drunken disaffected PI/cop/agent" character. But now it seems his wife may be alive and the FBI is dangling that carrot to get him to do "one special job only he can do"
  • Sever (Lucy Liu) is disaffected DIA. She had a child (possibly a husband), both were killed several years back.
  • Their paths cross because Sever wants the DIA chief dead (he's responsible for the deaths of her family); the DIA chief has a new terrorist weapon the FBI wants to take away from him stat. So Ecks and Sever are both going after the DIA.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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