Thursday May 22, 2003

Meow TV

meow_tv_tourcar.jpg "Meow TV" (sponsored by the Meow Mix cat food company) will premiere May 30 on the Oxygen cable channel and will run several more times throughout June. Broadcasting from their fictional living room, hosts Annabelle Gurwitch and her cat, Stinky, will narrate segments like "Squirrel Alert," (where squirrels run up and down trees to fast-paced music), readings of cat haiku, "Cat Critics" (critique of a film about lions and cheetahs) and footage from viewers. ( c.f. CNN article)

Viewers in 10 US cities will have the chance to participate in a "talent show". Top acts will be videotaped and posted on the MeowTV website where fans will be able to voite for their fevorite performance. The winning act will appear on an episode of Meow TV.

Drat. They're not coming to San Francisco.

May 28, 2003

Today's Zippy the Pinhead strip was relevant.


June 1, 2003

meowtv2jpg Here's an article from the Gainesville Sun.

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