Saturday May 10, 2003

Cell Phone Donation

Do you have an old Cell Phone gathering dust in some corner of the garage because you didn't want to throw it away after you upgraded but never could figure out what to do with it? Consider donating it to The Wireless Foundation's "Donate a Phone" programs:
DONATE A PHONE program recycles used wireless phones to help the environment and raise funds for a variety of charities. Most phones are resold as economical alternatives to new phones. The rest are safely recycled in accordance with all applicable U.S. environmental regulations.
My credit union is currently accepting phones for "Call to Protect: Wireless Phones for Domestic Safety" (no this isn't the Homeland Security thing, it's to help counter domestic violence). Check with nearby credit unions (they're in the same club) or check out The Wireless Foundation's website. Donations are tax deductible.

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