Thursday May 1, 2003

This Raven has fur

We are pleased to introduce Ravenclaw (aka Raven), the newest member of our furry tribe. Raven was a rescue kitty; now he has a home. He's our token moggie :-)

Raven is settling in as best he can, given that our vet has nevertheless requested/required that he stay in quarantine for 2 weeks, to be absolutely sure he hasn't picked up anything that he could pass on to the other furkids. This is standard procedure for new cats for our vet. It's probably more difficult for the emotionally challenged hoomans in our household than for the pussycat. Squirrel is none too happy, however, when Vickimom disappears into the garage for half an hour at a time!

We built Raven a nice snug little apartment in the garage.

His major disagreements with being in the garage seem to be: 1) We don't live there with him 2) Although he has figured out _how_ the closures work on the gate, he hasn't managed to make them operate; however, he seems to be certain he will work this out given enough time and study.

I went into the garage Monday night at 1am to look for a pair of pliers to snip a wire (OK, we tend to start projects at weird hours). Couldn't find what I was looking for but a little black head popped up like a prairie dog and I was caught by two big round eyes. When I (eventually) got back upstairs Rich said "Surely you didn't spend all that time looking for the cutters?" and I said "No, I accidentally woke up Raven. So of course I had to let him out and talk to him a while". (Note to self - do not go into garage after midnight for next two weeks).

We had a vetdoctor appointment at 9:30 Monday morning. That wasn't a happy thing. It involved, of course, a car ride (meoroooow!) and a lot of poking and prodding at the vet's office. Poor Raven probably wondered why we were going out again when we'd only just arrived.

Our vet says he's a nice kitty and agrees that he appears to be in good overall health. Took some tartar off his teeth (oooh, he really hated that). Weight Monday morning was 10.0 pounds so he gained a little over a pound in a little over a week. A sign of what clean good living (and deworming meds) can do.

He purrs like an engine, hops into laps, has several mousey toys to play with (which he takes into his bedroom at night), and he's begun to talk just a little.

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