Tuesday April 29, 2003

Volume Control #2

Earlier this month, I wrote
My sweetie is not only an all-around great guy :-), he's also smart and electrically talented.
Well, he did it again :-)

A couple of days ago, I bought a new telephone from Radio Shack, for the bedroom. It's a nice small size and fits in the minimal space alloted to it. We turn off the ringer on the bedroom phone; so I looked at the instructions and yes, the rinnger volume can be set to off. But there's a note:

Note: If you choose to turn the ringer off by selecting digit 0, the next time you pick up the receiver, the ringer will reset to the previous setting.
Excuse me? Every time I lift the receiver the volume reverts to "On"? What were they Thinking?!

Dismayed, I brought the problem to Mr. Electric who said "No problem". He clipped the leads to the ringer, then reconnected the ringer to the pulse/tone switch on the side of the phone. I now have a (physical) on/off switch for the ringer and I can set the "on" volume and tone as desired.

Maybe Rich should hire himself out as a consultant to Radio Shack...

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