Tuesday April 22, 2003

We saw a squirrel!!!

We had a grey squirrel on our porch rail this morning! Rich told me last night he had seen one yesterday. I was hoping it would come back. We'll have lived here 15 years in May and this is only the second time I've seen a squirrel closer than a mile from the house - the other time was December of last year when I saw one in the tree behind the back fence. That was terrific; today was just delightful!

The boys were entranced (they saw it first). I don't know how long they had been watching before I woke up.

This porch is a small deck just off the end of our upstairs screenporch. The porch rail has our sunflower seed feeder on it. The cats love the screenporch - fresh air, a great view of the back yard (and the birds). And today, a treat!

We've had roof rats (they look like big mice) and raccoons at the feeder before, always at night. The cats watch those, but I can't see very well in the dark. So this was a great treat for all of us.

I had forgotten to fill the feeder but that didn't matter to the squirrel; he kept sticking a paw under the plastic side panels of the feeder and grabbing seed from inside where the birds couldn't reach. Every so often he would run back along the porch rail to the window where our Squirrel was watching (giving Squirrel the cat a great thrill!), then back to the bird feeder, tail spinning like a propeller the whole time. Bebop watched from his favorite chair on the screenporch (and made little mewing sounds at regular intervals).

After a bit the squirrel ran along the top of the sunroom to the other end of the screenporch (where Bebop got an even better look) and launched into the tree. He stayed in the tree for a bit and chattered at both cats (Squirrel by this time was also at that end of the screenporch, back feet on the table, front feet on the window).Eventually it ran down the wire into the pine tree beyond the fence.

I went out and filled the bird feeder while the squirrel sat in the pine tree. I hope it comes back!

He came back an hour later and I managed to take two (not very good) photos before I scared him trying to move the curtains for a better view.

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