Monday April 21, 2003

I've been dreaming

Under "normal" circumstances, I wish I didn't dream much. It's not that I have "bad" dreams exactly. It's more that my dreams are so... busy! Very High Production Values to my dreams - lots of action, lots of people, crowded sets. Lots of COLOR. When I wake up from a dream I am tired. I have often wished for a pill or hypnotherapy or something that would assure me uninterrupted, quiet, restful, sleep. Instead, I wake up groggy thinking "Who were those people and what were they _doing_?!". Sigh.

Recently, however, my dreams have been a bit more interesting. No smaller, no less busy or less colorful. But for the past few nights I have several times realized that I am dreaming. I haven't tried much in the way of control, though I've managed to "nudge" things along on occasion. Control seems to be fairly difficult even when I know it's a dream. but at least the knowing gives me an opportunity to be properly entertained.

As I sat in the dream bus last night (one of those large charter-type busses), driving down the dream mountain from the dream resort(??), watching the dream carnival pass by next to the dream highway (lots of color in that carnival) I found that I was enjoying myself immensely. I created all of this. It was rather cool, actually.

I can't draw or paint. I'm imaginative and I can "see" pictures in my mind, but never as clearly as when I dream. Being able to see all that stuff and know it's a dream is quite fun.

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