Thursday April 17, 2003

Crunchy Mornings

The furkids get a crunchy treat every morning after breakfast (Whiskas tartar control tuna flavor). The ritual goes like this:

We all troop downstairs after everyone has finished breakfast.

Mezzaluna, who usually finishes early, is sitting tucked into the corner by the bookcase, waiting.

Squirrel keeps a close eye on Vickimom (many backward glances and mews of encouragement) to ensure I don't get lost on the way. I have been known to get distracted.

We arrive at the place where the crunchy treats are distributed; Everyone gathers round.

I get the bag off the shelf. If Squirrel is feeling really cute, he sits up and paws at the air. Unfortunately, I can't get him to do this more often, though I try. It's adorable.

I pour out a handful of treats. These go on the only bit of linoleum at the far end of the downstairs room. Everyone starts to eat. Positions are constant - Mezzaluna in the corner, Bebop in front and facing the wall, Squirrel at the opposite end from Mezzaluna.

I go clean the litter box which is in the bathroom at the far end of the room where the cats are crunching. I can look up and see them. I can see Squirrel leean out, reach a long paw towards Mezzaluna, and snaffle a crunchy treat from her area. I can see Mezzaluna try to extract crunchies from under her tail feathers.

As I finish up with the cat box, Squirrel saunters towards me. This is always a slow and deliberate, apparently "random" stroll, occasionally stopping for a wash. Still, he's always immediately outside the door of the bathroom before I leave.


I follow him back and put down a second small handful (the other half). The cats commence to crunching.

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