Thursday April 10, 2003

Jury Duty - Not!

Rich received a summons a few weeks ago for Jury Duty. Today would have been the day he had to report. The good news is that he didn't have to go; he called the number last night and his presence was not required. That happened to me the last time I was "summoned"; I guess we live in a low-crime county.

It's good he didn't have to go; otherwise he would have spent today sitting in a room full of bored people, waiting to have his name called, waiting (hopefully) to be excused. We can't afford to have Rich on Jury Duty right now; he's the only one with work :-(

One thing we noticed that was new on this summons note was that it specified a dress code - no T-shirts! And this for the first day (on which I wouldn't have guessed even "selected" people would actually sit on a case). Weird. But, in any case, not an issue because his presence wasn't required.

All clear for another year.

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