Tuesday April 8, 2003

Booklovers' Mysteries

I have recently been reading, and enjoying, Julie Kaewert's series of "booklovers' mysteries". The protagonist, Alex Plumtree, is a publisher, collector and bibliophile, owner of a 100 year old small publishing house in London. I envy Alex his library, as well as the libraries of many of his friends and acquaintances. I think of an "old" book as one printed before 1900. Many of Alex's "old" books pre-date the printing press!

I don't envy Alex his life, however; it contains far too much danger and intrigue! As is so often the case in stories like this, the protagonist keeps getting into trouble with politics, enemies, danger, and dead bodies all around :) A bit unusual, however, for this style of "cozy" mystery series, is that Alex is frequently the initial target of the trouble (usually the "detective" trips over a mystery or a body and is gradually snared).

The books are interesting as well as informative; the characters are real and likable. The series so far, in order: Unsolicited, followed by Unbound, Unprintable, Untitled, Unsigned, and Uncatalogued.

A small chuckle of interest especially to computer people: I looked up the series on Barnes&Noble online (to recommend to a friend) and was interested, then amused, to discover that the 4th book was mis-"shelved" in their online data base, under the "title" A Booklover's Mystery. Given that actual title is, erm, Untitled, I think B&N has a small bug in their database design :-)

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