Sunday March 30, 2003

Cat Show

We don't show our guys, but sometimes we like to watch :-)

We went today to the "San Francisco Reveler's" (and Friskies) cat show at the San Mateo expo hall. A nice big show (CFA). Lots of kitties. Lots of toys, cat-design clothing, furniture, and other stuff.

There were some gorgeous Maine Coons - one beautiful b*i*g brown tabby w/ white boy who came all the way from Texas ( guess they _do_ grow them big in Texas :); a sweet 10-month-old boy with stunning pattern (I say they are still kittens at that age but the show says they are "adults") and two deep red boys from two different catteries. I didn't see any of the local breeders, though; everyone there was from outside the Bay Area.

It being Sunday, a lot of cats were asleep, or in the show ring cages looking bored ;-) It was funny how many were staring at the back wall saying "OK, I'm here, but I could be somewhere else".

It was fun walking around and looking at the different breeds of kitties. There were some awesome Somalis. A LOT of Persians; I saw one little duchess being combed; she was one of the ones with the very very white very very flowing coat. She would put her chin up and say "Ah yes. I am perfect. You may comb me there. See my profile? Mr de Mille, I am ready for my close-up now!" There was another little silver bowling ball of fur; her purrson said she was 5 1/2 pounds, but she must have been 8 or 10 inches in diameter all fluffed out. When I could see her feet they were incredibly fluffy but she had to be picked up to see them. I feel sorry for the Persians because they have such flat noses but they are certainly fluffy like little stuffed toys.

I said Hello to a Havanna Brown (he said Merow! first). After we had made our hellos, he went back to washing and completely ignored me! There were some dreadfully cute Tonkinese kittens (what BIG eyes they have!) and a very loud calico Devon Rex. I had a short conversation with an Aby that said everyone had gone off and left it and it needed someone to talk to.

I bought three t-shirts; two iron-on patterns ( one that I love and had never seen before; one I love that I tried to get from a catalog and they had run out of stock!). The third is a hand-painted w/foil cat on a black shirt that is just gorgeous. This one is called "Chianti Cat" and was painted by Claudia Sanchez. She can be reached at PO Box 9395, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, ph 707-538-5306. No website or email on the paper I got.

We also came home with a new cat tree; we don't go to a lot of shows but we've come home 4 times now from cat shows bringing a new piece of cat furniture... the stuff at the shows is just so nice and so well made! The man who makes these could tell us that he knows of people who have used them for Maine Coons. This is one of the trees that looks like a "hollow tree"... I keep expecting an elf to pop out. I told Rich I wouldn't be surprised if we found a stack of Keebler cookies in the living room in the morning! So now we finally have a cat tree in the living room. It fits perfectly at the intersection of the two window walls and gives the kitties new vantage points.

Bebop liked it immediately and Squirrel has been investigating the passageways inside from level to level. It took Mezzaluna some time to get used to it, though. Both Rich and I walked through the living room earlier when she was on the tree and she immediately leaped down and ran off as though she thought she wasn't supposed to be there. But we went out to dinner and when we got home she was lounging in the top "branches" so I guess it's OK now.

All in all a fun outing.

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