Sunday March 23, 2003

Annual Tax-time Pondering

I did my taxes yesterday (for anyone who does their own taxes, I can't recommend Turbo Tax more strongly. It took me from tears at tax time to almost painless many years ago and I have been a staunch and loyal customer ever since.)

So anyway, doing my taxes, I wondered as I do each year why I can't count the furkids as dependents... they're as much (or more) dependent on me as a human child or "elderly relative" would be. I buy them food and toys and pay for annual vet appointments and medical insurance. They can't go out and get a job (they can't even go out except under strict supervision and generally in a carrier!).

It doesn't seem fair... but then, I guess taxes were never meant to be fair.

At least this year (unlike last year) I get a refund. Not huge, but when you're unemployed, you take whatever you can get!

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