Tuesday February 25, 2003

Old Mother Moose Tales


On Rich's recent trip to Santa Barbara, he attended a story-telling festival. One of the story tellers is Willy Claflin; Willy Claflin is "an award-winning master storyteller, school performer, festival performer, who also has produced five age-appropriate CDs and tapes of Willy Claflin songs and Maynard Moose tales".

Actually, Willy doesn't tell many of the stories himself; his colleagues do. One such colleague is Maynard Moose. Maynard is a moose (puppet) with a voice somewhat reminiscent of Kermit The Frog and a real knack for story telling.

From the descriptions for some of the discs:

I first met Maynard one foggy autumn morning years ago in down-east Maine... his memory of the Old Mother Moose tales is as keen as ever... I would like to thank him for keeping this ancient oral moose tradition alive.

Claflin’s formula for fractured tales: equal parts moose wisdom, people predicaments, and Moothified pronouncifications.

“Mother Moose Tales,” says the storyteller, “Preserve traditional moose values.”

The stories are _funny_. Buy a CD; buy 2 or three :-) Our favorites are Sleeping Beastly, Maynard Moose Tales, and The Uglified Ducky. Here's a sample story from The Uglified Ducky, called The Turtle and the Bunny.

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