Monday June 24, 2002

Lebanon Bologna by mail

Are you an expatriot Pennsylvanian? Do you miss the taste of lebanon bologna? Or scrapple? Do you know you can buy these tastes-of-home by mail??

"Ask someone from outside the Lebanon Valley "what's the first thing they think of when they hear Lebanon?" and they'll probably say -- Lebanon Bologna. Lebanon Bologna is now produced by three premier sausage makers - Kutztown, Seltzer's and Weaver. Two (Weaver and Seltzer's) offer tours of their smokehouses and packing facilities."

"All three have mail order departments and will gladly ship one stick or a case of world famous Lebanon Bologna across the county or around the world"

If you don't know which to choose, I like Seltzer's.

They say they sell scrapple too (but not till fall). I can't wait!

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