Friday July 5, 2002

Mac OS X

It's been almost a month now since I upgraded to Mac OS X and I really like it. I have a few nits to pick. For one, I can't stand the default menu and System fonts (and Apple left out the ability to customize the fonts :-( I miss spring-loaded folders (it took me a long time to get used to them, but then I was hooked). I don't ,much care for the dock, but I use DragThing and my dock is set to the smallest possible size. I really dislike the giant icons... but those can be re-sized too.

My biggest nit was the missing Finder labels; they aren't really gone, just hidden and Apple didn;'t include the interface to rename them. But Eudora can find them and use them. After a few weeks of "Hot", "Cool" and "Project 1" I finally found the right resource and renamed the labels the way I want to have them. So I'm happier.

10.1 is ever so much nicer than 10.0 was... we played a little with 10.0 but it wasn't ready for us. In 10.1 there are more customizations possible, more 3rd party apps to bring back desired features such as Windowshadng, arrows at top&bottom of the scrollbar (though, sadly, not a fixed-width "thumb". Am I the only one who doesn't think the proportioal thumb is a cool feature??). Most of our must-have apps have Mac OS X native versions now. And Classic integration is MUCH better than it was in previous releases.

While it doesn't hurt to not be afraid to look "behind the curtain" at the command line, you don't have to. Mac OS X is fast approaching a state I would recommend to my parents and less technically-minded friends.

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