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Monday January 7, 2008

What is Twitter?

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12:42 PM January 06, 2008 Evan Williams wrote

At Crossroads Cafe, trying to write down an answer to the question: What is Twitter?

Some responses:

  • It's the neural network of the web. That was easy.
  • Twitter is the thing you never knew you needed until you used it.
  • exchanging short bits of information to amuse, alert, and inform
  • Twitter is CB Radio meets IRC meets Usenet, but with pictures. And my friends are on it.
  • Ambient intimacy, ambient idiosyncracy, sometimes ambient idiocy
  • twitter is a mindsharing super highway
  • A party - a 24hour party that you can leave & come back to, over and over again, and someone's always got something to say.
  • Twitter is building bright brain bridges
  • Twitter isn't a communication tool, it's a publication
  • ...a party line. That is exactly what Twitter is like. You never know who is going to be live. You never know the topics you will jump into or just eavesdrop on...and it is a lightening fast way to spread the word about anything.
  • When it comes to "Internetty things" #twitteris fortune cookies gene-spliced with salted peanuts

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