Every cat lover should... 

appreciate good angora;
great vacuums;
realize, after much fruitless effort,
that "Here Kitty, Kitty"
is a courtesy, not an expectation;
know that furballs are bad;
curiosity is worse;
marvel that an animal could be
so tidy; vain; compassionate;
arrogant; goofy; independent;
needy; in the same five minutes;
like people with cats better
than the OTHER KIND;
not be particularly
ashamed ABOUT IT;
swallow roughly 16 lbs.
of cat hair in their lifetime;
should have given the cat a party;
a middle name; a bath; a pill;
have the scars to prove it;
know the look that says,
"I was going out anyway,"
cradle a new kitten
and know that nine lives
will never be nearly enough...

Framables words and Inspuration by Teresa Eliot, John Boiler, and Kay Smith-Blum
Published and distributed by Portal Publications Ltd, Novato CA
ARV883 Litho — 11-3/4" w x 36" h