To A Mouse

(written sometime before 1978)

Happy Birthday, Mousie dear
A year has passed us by
And we cannot reclaim it,
No matter how we try

But here among the grass roots
We need not shed a tear
Although we each grow older
With every passing year.

A candle in a thimble
A tiny crumb of cake
For drink, a dewdrop on a leaf,
Your mousie thirst to slake

Your birthday is upon you,
To fill your heart with cheer.
I'll celebrate it with you;
I'll spend the evening here.

And I will give you presents:
A rainbow in the sky,
A breath of wind upon you,
A feather drifting by,

Your own dear wife to wake you
When the day begins,
A soft warm nest to hold you
When the daylight thins,

The brightness of a flower,
The humming of a bee.
Each of these a gift of love
I give to you from me.

Together, 'neath the leaf tops,
We'll watch the year go by,
And though we can't reclaim it
You will not see us cry.

We'll watch the passing seasons
And when the year is done
I'll wish you brthday greetings
on yet another one.

Copyright 2004, Vicki Brown