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    Although there are many forms of poetry, I prefer the forms that have a recognizable meter. I like poetry that rhymes, and flows.

    I've never a big fan of "free verse", that is the "other sort" of poetry, the sort I generally call "reflections on a gift of watermelon pickle" poetry, after a piece by that name that I was required to read and examine (and disliked) in Junior High. I'm not alone in this feeling. For a well-written essay on the topic, see aprilgem's Poetry In Motion. Be sure to read to the end; it's nicely crafted!

    Most non-rhyming poetry aside, however, I must admit to a certain fondness for haiku and senryu. I have also recently begun to appreciate the limerick form of poetry (a rhyming form I have misunderstood for many years).

    (Some of the) Poetry I have written

      Cat Quartet (March 2004)

      Spring Blossoms (March 2004)

      To A Mouse - written sometime before 1978; inspired by a birthday card.

      The Sixth of May - I wrote this in 9th grade. It won honorable mention in a local poetry contest. (The winner was in the watermelon pickle style; need I say more?)


      Matchmaker, Cat Matcher - to the tune of "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" from "Fiddler on the Roof". I wrote this in 2003 for a friend of mine who has become a "feline yenta"

      Kittens Don't Keep - adapted from Song for a Fifth Child by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton; written in 2003 for a friend enjoying her first (and last) planned litter of kittens.

    Poetry from Friends and Family

      Vicki's Dragon - written by Rich's Dad, Ed Morin, in honor of a soft-sculpture dragon that took up residence on the cover of my Apple Powerbook computer.

    Poetry from Elsewhere

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