N is For ...
Nap - I love to take naps, particularly when joined by one or more cats. (To be honest, I don't sleep as well without a cat.)
Nature - When we go for walks, I'm always on the lookout for lizards, bunnies, deer, interesting plants, birds, and such. Once, we saw a king snake; another time, a garter snake. Once we even saw a turtle.
Nearsighted - M is for myopic; N is for nearsighted. They mean the same thing. Both describe me without my glasses.
Nectarine - Even yummier than a peach (and without the fuzz)
Needlepoint - I learned to needlepoint when I was 11. I used to do a lot of needlework crafts - needlepoint, cross stitch, and other embroidery... but some years back, I stopped. C'est la vie.
Normal - Who wants to be normal? Normal is all those other people, in the middle of the Ol' Bell-shaped Curve. It's less crowded off to the side. Normal is vastly overrated.
Nutmeg - Nutmeg is one of my favorite spices, especially when freshly (ahhhhhh) grated... served on top of tapioca, rice pudding, or eggnog.
Nuts - I love nuts - hickory nuts (with a slight maple sugar taste), English walnuts (but not black walnuts, feh!), pecans, brazilnuts (hard to crack), hazelnuts (also called filberts), and almonds. I also love the not-nuts: peanuts and cashews. In salads, in Chinese food, or plain. Yum.
Not to put too fine a point on it - (a nice phrase), N is for Nifty, Nexus, Narwhal, Nihilist, Naive, Neat, New, Neanderthal, Nebula, Nimbus, Noodle, and Nuzzle