F is For ...
Fantasy - One of my favorite fiction genres for reading.
Feet - Specifically, feline feet. I love cat paws.  Ooooh. Feline foot fetish!
Feline - Cats cats, and all things feline from domestic puddy tats to siberian tigers. Prrrrrrrrrr.
Fire Agate - My favorite gemstone. Rich introduced me to these.
Fireworks - I dearly love to watch fireworks displays. Where we live now, we can see small displays throughout the surrounding neighborhoods on both the 4th of July and New Years Eve.
Fog - Shortly after we moved to California, we rented a house in Pacifica. We had fog. Lots of fog. I remember once, coming back once from a trip, taking a taxi from the airport. "Stop here", we said. "Where?", asked the driver. "At this stop sign.", we said. "Where?!?", asked the driver.
   Now we live a little further inland., We still get fog but it rarely reaches the ground and there's no problem with seeing the stop signs (or the intersection, the other cars, the pedestrians...)
Forensic Science - For my first stab at grad school, I enrolled in a Forensic Science program at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Forensic Science is... interesting but I realized (in less than a month) that wasn't cut out for a career in that field, so I switched back to Microbiology.
FORTRAN - The first programming language I learned, back in 1976, was WATFOR (University of Waterloo FORTRAN IV)
Fur - No outfit is complete without cat fur. (Again with the cats. Hey, this is me; you take what you get. >^,,^<)