E is For ...
Eccentric - Blessed are the Cracked, for They Shall let in the Light.
Eggnog - Don't forget the eggnog during the winter holidays, , with a sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg.
Eggs American Cafe - Rich and I used to go to a Washington, DC restaurant called The American Cafe. Their variation on Eggs Benedict uses a split, toasted croissant, fresh tomato slices, canadian bacon or ham, and freshly steamed asparagus, under two poached eggs and drenched in home-ade Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes, when we want an especially nice brunch, I make this at home. Ooooh. Decadent!
Eggs Florentine - One of my favorite breakfasts, this variant on Eggs Benedict is served by our favorite diner. It's made with poached eggs, a white cheese sauce, spinach, and ham. I substitute sliced tomatoes for the english muffin. great by itself or shared with Rich (who orders NY steak and eggs and we split both). We add the Country potatoes (a few times a year) for an excellent and filling brunch.
Eggs - What an amazing thing is an egg. The eggshell "breathes" (lets air in and out). An egg can turn into a chicken... or an omelet. Egg whites whip into fluffy mounds. Add sugar and bake, et voila! - meringue. My family used to gather around the kitchen table every year to decorate Easter Eggs. Scrambled, poached, fried, sunny side up (aka "dippy eggs") or over easy. Eggs are an equally fine choice for breakfast or a late-night snack. Egg salad makes a wonderful quick sandwich (especially, served warm on freshly toasted sourdough). And
Electricity - Have you ever stopped to think about the role electricity plays in your life? Although my clothes dryer heats with gas, electricity turns the drum. I depend upon my electrically-powered washers for clean clothing and dishes. The refrigerator and freezer keep our feed fresh. The oven and stove top make cooking almost effortless. I love to read, often into the night before bed; electric lighting makes that a lot easier on the eyes than candles or oil lamps would! Electricity powers my computer, providing  access to the Net, email contact with family and friends, and the basis for my career.
Electrophoresis - I learned about gel electrophoresis when I was in the Forensic Science program in my first try at grad school. It's really quite something to set up the plates, add the samples, turn on the current, then develop the resulting gel and see the bands appear.
Elephant - Do not think about a Pink Elephant. Ignore the elephant in the room. Elephant jokes. How do you put four elephants in a Volkswagon?  (Hey, Herb, he probably didn't realize you were an elephant when he started to tell that joke.)
Elodea - pondweed. We studied Elodea in my various biology / botany classes through school.