This list came from Memory and Dream.

  1. I'm right handed.
  2. There are some things I can write about that I can't talk about.
  3. I find that sometimes all people everywhere annoy me.
  4. My fashion sense has yet to be defined.
  5. Love is way more important to me then sex.
  6. I think reality as we know it doesn't exist.
  7. I wish I had tangible, artistic skills instead of just daydreams.
  8. People think I am funny.
  9. I enjoy being the center of attention, but I have stage fright. (to a degree)
  10. I am 100% hetero and fine with that.
  11. I <3 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  12. I'm not a virgin.
  13. I love Italian food.
  14. I've never cheated but I've been cheated on.
  15. I wait too long before I see a doctor. (well, I have no health insurance)
  16. I love cats.
  17. I very easily lose track of time mindlessly surfing the internet.
  18. I love just to look at the hotness of Brad Pitt, Adrian Paul, and Brendan Frasier.
  19. I remember places - rooms, buildings, etc. - with dynamic clarity, but not words or numbers.
  20. If I could, I'd eliminate racism
  21. I am occasionally an intellectual snob.
  22. I hate when people ask where I want to be in x years - I never know and it seems a failure not to know in this world.
  23. I don't like thongs.
  24. While I would prefer to vote my conscience, I will vote to win for the lesser of two evils.
  25. I it must be perfectly dark when I sleep.
  26. Children seem to like me, though I truly have never wanted any of my own.
  27. People think I am a bitch.
  28. I always keep secrets.
  29. Torture with knives is preferable to watching a football game.
  30. I love weird room decor.
  31. I never went to college. (something I regret now)
  32. I've never been the type to "sleep around"
  33. I think pets should be considered family not property.
  34. If you hurt me, I'll torment you for months ... or at least weeks.
  35. I love plants, but I always seem to kill them no matter how hard I try not to.
  36. I love eating but hate cooking.
  37. 22 is my lucky number.
  38. I avoid certain people on the phone because I know they stay on the line saying nothing forever.
  39. I'd do almost anything for my close friends.
  40. I love photography.
  41. I am glad that my childhood is over, but I don't ever want to "grow up"
  42. I cry at the drop of a hat.
  43. I don't like yams.
  44. I sleep like the dead. It would take a jackhammer to wake me up. *SOMETIMES. other times, a rustle of sheets will wake me.
  45. I don't understand people who judge without taking a look at themselves.
  46. I live 10 miles from the beach, though I don't go there as often as I'd like to.
  47. I am not afraid of death.
  48. I stopped drinking soda almost completely to keep down on my migraines.
  49. I'm never happy alone but I get frustrated in crowds.
  50. I don't know what I want to be when I "grow up"