Clearing a space

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As many of you know, I'm no scientist.  But I've heard a "principle" out there in the world of science that states that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  Maybe it's Pauli's principle.  Maybe I'm just quoting Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.  Whether it's "true" or not, it happens to be playing around in my view right now.

How many of you have a two-car garage but only one car fits because the garage is full of other stuff?

When I was growing up, the dining room table was a flat surface on which to put stuff.  We ate our meals in the kitchen and the dining room table held mail and homework and random craft projects.  When we were having people over for the occasional special dinner, my mother would say "You girls need to clear off the table and set it for dinner". 

Because, well, you can't eat dinner on the dining room table until you clear it off and set it for dinner.

I've been thinking a lot about clearing spaces lately.  It seems a space needs to be clear in order to put something in that space.  If there is already something there, then, well, you find another "clear" space, because two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

While visiting a friend recently, I was helping her 14 year old daughter organize her room.  Anna said "let's take everything out and then only put back what we want to keep".  I thought that was a great idea.  You can't add anything new to an already existing full space, so clear the space - of everything - and then put back what you want to keep and add new things where there's empty space.  That makes sense. 

January is often the time when we think about organizing.  The Container Store has its big sale.  Target lines the shelves with cool boxes and bins to help us better organize our stuff. January is a time to "start new" and when we do that we often "clean up" - clear a space.

Take everything out and then only put back what you want to keep.

Does it work that way with people?  Can we only have a certain number of people in our "space"?  Think about that.  Do all of the people in your life fit in their appropriate spaces?  Can people start to ooze over into other spaces?  Can't your friend list grow indefinitely?  Can't you take on more and more family?  Or can you?  If you have someone in that "space" - whatever it happens to be - can anyone else occupy it?  Can we have more than one sister?  Best friend?  Mother?  Of course you can have many friends, many siblings, and even surrogate mothers, but do they really occupy the same space?  Or don't they occupy their own special space?

Once I had a friend who removed me from her life altogether.  I guess she decided, one day, or after many long days of thinking about it, that I was not someone she wished to have occupying space in her life.  Is it possible that she had too many friends cluttering up her life and in order to add any more she had to remove some?  Clear a space to add something new?

And what about that?

If we have someone filling a space in our life, and therefore, no one else can fill that exact space, are we missing out?  Are we missing the opportunities for all the other cool people who could be "that" for us - whatever "that" happens to be?  

I think the giant room in my heart is limitless.  Eat dinner on a TV table next to the dining room table?  Fill my spaces with wonderful people - being mindful of the role I wish them to play.  
Maybe instead of removing someone, I simply move him or her to another shelf - another space - to open that space for others.  

Maybe I like to organize by just moving things around.

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