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Feedback - love it or hate it?

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"Performance management is critical to our organizational effectiveness. By aligning your objectives with company goals and tracking your progress, you can see your contribution to the company's success."

Generic Performance Review Communication 

For many of you, it may be Annual Performance Review time. 


It's the time when we receive feedback on our work. 
For many "workers", the annual review is the time when you are most aware of expectations that have been placed upon you.  If you manage people, you're aware of the expectations you've placed on them. 

Many people loathe the performance review process, citing all sorts of reasons why it's not a valuable or useful measure of anyone's success.  Others can't live without it - somehow transported back to college or high school, where a good grade was a good grade!  Still others use the performance review process as an opportunity to really ponder how they are in the world, and plan how they will create amazing possibilities for the coming year. 

Actually, I don't know anyone in that third group - but could that be possible?

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