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Fake is real and real is fake

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Bob: Well, what are *you* waiting for?

Little Boy on Tricycle: I don't know. Something amazing, I guess.

Bob: Me too, kid.

~ The Incredibles

I had coffee with a friend the other day.  He's in his early 50s, a blackbelt in karate and a sub-3 hour marathoner.  I think he's a super guy and pretty amazing.  He qualified for Boston at his second marathon after shaving 15 minutes off his time.

I said, "That's amazing!"

He said,  "Yea, but I'm a fake.  I'm just good enough at the things I do but I'm not really good, I'm faking it"

I am a different kind of blackbelt - the Six Sigma kind (for those of you who are familiar with that sort of stuff).  While I've been practicing six sigma and lean methodology at work for over 10 years, I say "I'm a fake blackbelt - not the real kind like my co-workers".  They work the heavy statistics side, I work the behavioral side so I think I'm faking it - just doing well enough to convince people I know what I'm doing.

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