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The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations. ~Eli Khamarov, Surviving on Planet Reebok

Sounds easy right? It's not! Just publishing this blog brought out tons of expectations. I wrote it for me and I wrote it for you but when I started to push the button - the one that puts it on the internet for everyone and their mother to read for the rest of time - I thought "gosh, I hope they like it, I hope someone reads it, I hope it's not silly and ridiculous". Wait - WHAT?

And there it was - an expectation that you would like my blog. An expectation that you would read it, that the world would read it and that I could get people to join the No Expectations Project. Wow...we really have them all the time.

And that's OK. We're human! This is what humans do. All you psychologists out there can weigh in on the myriad behavioral theories that prove; we like the payback! We even have a term - WIIFM - What's in it for me?

A friend remarked: "No expectations is an expectation in itself!" And, of course, he's right!

And that's why it's a challenge. How many times will I start off expecting something and catch myself? How many times will I complain about something, and catch myself. Will I get so good at it that eventually I won't need to catch myself anymore? Will it eventually be NIIFM - Nothing in it for me?

Have you tried it yet?

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