The No Expectations Project

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I'm giving up expectations!

I know, I know - ALL expectations?

Yep - that's the plan.

We have expectations every day, nearly in every thought in our heads.  I do stuff for you and I expect you'll do stuff for me and that's the way it works!

We expect the alarm will ring, we expect we will have hot water for our shower, we expect people will show up for our meetings and expect our spouses, partners, children, friends and family will toe the line and do the things we ask of them, the way we want them done, on our timeline, and with a smile.

But what if we just did stuff without any expectation of receiving back?

We don't expect from charity - we give money and time to tons of great (and not so great) endeavors and we don't expect anything from them. 

But we do receive something in return.  A feeling of goodwill.  A knowledge that we did something really "good".  We do get back - but we don't expect it.

We don't expect from God (or whatever higher being you put your faith into).  The prayer that never fails; "Thy will be done" (and I'm sure something like this exists in other religions) is all we need. 

But we do receive something in return.  We receive a feeling of faith, a knowledge that we are protected.  Even the assurance that we will go to heaven (or something like it) one day - but we don't expect it.

We don't expect from babies and animals - we give all our love to the helpless.  We feed and clean and love and nurture them.  We rescue them.  We dress them in funny outfits (both babies and pets) and post pictures on facebook. 

But we do receive something in return.  We receive their love - unconditionally.  Pets love us no matter what.  Babies love us no matter what - but we don't expect it.

So would it work that way with everyone else?

Could we actually give 100% of ourselves to the people in our lives - our friends, family, spouses, partners, co-workers - without the expectation of anything in return?  And if we did - would we receive something in return?  Something as wonderful as a feeling of goodwill, a knowledge that we are protected, and unconditional love?

This is what I'm up to.  I'm giving up expectations.

Years and years of managingsetting, and lowering expectations, may make it a challenge for me, but I'm going to create the possibility that being 100% invested - committed - in myself and the people in my life will be all I need. 

Curious to see how it goes?  I'll keep you posted!

Here's a good start for giving without expectations, from Tiny Buddha.

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