W is For ...
Weblog - I have such fun writing my weblogs. I wish I had known about this wonderful idea so much earlier!
Weird - That's me, a little bit weird. I don't mind.
Wikipedia - proof that people aren't just couch potatoes and a collaborative encyclopedia project can work.
Wintergreen - Specifically, the pink wintergreen lozenges that I used to love when I was a kid.
Winter - When I was growing up in central Pennsylvania,Winter began in January and ran into March. We didn't get much snow in December, but the weather would usually make up for that in January and February. Now that I live in northern California, we don't have a season that really corresponds to Winter. Instead, from October thru March we get  "Wet".
Woodrats - Woodrats are actually very cute. They look like very large mice. We get them at our backyard feeder.
Words — I love words! I collect interesting words and quotes. I have a very good vocabulary. I subscribe to Word of the Day mailing lists.
World Wide Web - One day, around about 1995, the world changed...
Writing - I've been writing since I was in elementary school. I've written a small number of poems, mostly before I graduated from High School. I've never had much interest in the idea of writing fiction. I don't claim to "have a novel in me" (struggling to get out or otherwise). I'm primarily an expository and technical writer.