K is For ...
Kahlua - One of three ingredients in my favorite mixed drink, a Toasted Almond.  
Kaleidoscope - Rich and I both enjoy looking through the moire fanciful kaleidoscopes, the ones made with glass chips and oil, for example. We have a few, relatively inexpensive models, purchased over the years at craft fairs.
Keri - My sister. When she was born, my parents chose Keri as her name, with "Karen" for long. Around the time she was 15 she was complaining that people called her Karen with the ă sound from Pat or plaid instead of the â sound in care or pear. I asked why she didn't just spell her name "Kerin"?  My Mom and sister looked at me, then at each other. The next day, they went to the County courthouse and had the spelling of my sister's first name legally changed to Kerin.
Kitties - Purrrrrrrr.