I is For ...
I - I am Me. I am Vicki. I am... http://www.cfcl.com/vlb/Me/aspects.php
Ice Cream - The Penn State Creamery is famous for its Bittersweet Mint ice cream. They also made a heavenly Peach ice cream in the summer. My parent's church holds a Strawberry festival every June, at which the church ladies serve ice cream, strawberries, and your choice of cake. My Dad's favorite ice cream is chocolate marshmallow; my Mom's favorite is butter pecan. Although I love chocolate in many forms, I prefer vanilla ice cream.
Iced Coffee - I don't care much for hot coffee but I do like iced coffee, both "American" style and Thai Iced Coffee.
Iced Tea - My favorite beverage is iced tea. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, iced tea wasn't available in restaurants in the Fall or Winter. Now I live in California and iced tea is available year-round.
Ice - We don't get much ice in California. Rich says he prefers not to live in places where water freezes if you leave it outdoors over night.
Icicles - I don't think I've seen icicles since I left Pennsylvania. We had some impressive icicles on occasion in PA, frozen stalactites a foot or more in length.
Inez - My mother's middle name. It's an interesting name for a central Pennsylvania girl.
IRDCAF - I Really Don't Care About Football. Growing up in a College town, this was somewhat heretical. :-)