B is For...
Bacon - Yummmm. I like my bacon extra crispy. Bacon and tomato (leave out the lettuce) on toasted sourdough or bacon and apple butter on toasted whole wheat with a bowl of oatmeal.
Balans - My favorite desk chair is a Balans "kneeling" rocker.
BBEdit - my favorite text editor (for Mac OS)
Bebop - Our majordomo and Cat-in-charge.
Biochemistry - When I entered College, my declared majors were Biochemistry and Computer Science. I switch to Microbiology in my third year. I'm interested in Biochem but not enough to do it for a living.
Birds - at the backyard feeder. The feeder is there mostly for the cats, but I like to watch too. Little Brown Birds, Scrub Jays, the occasional Chickadee, Junco, Nuthatch, all twittering and eating.
Blog - I Blog. I have four weblogs (aka "blogs") - one shared with family, two for me, and one for my cats.
Books - "When I have a little money, I buy books. And if any is left, I buy food and clothing." -- Desiderius Erasmus. " I cannot live without books." -- Thomas Jefferson,
Boone - My father's middle name. My parents once mentioned that, had we been boys, my name might have been "Boone" and my sister's "Frost". Never have I been Soooooo happy to be a girl as on that particular day!
Boston Creme Pie - One of my absolute favorite deserts.
Boynton, Sandra - One of my favorite artists. I love her swell cats, sensitive hippos,  remarkable cows, and inspiring piggies in calendars, greeting cards, and "board books" for all ages. She has aardvarks too.
Brown - My last name. I say "Brown, like the crayon". My name may not be fascinating or unusual, but it's easy to spell. The latter lends a certain amusement value. Some people, when they forget a name, cover by saying, "I can't remember how to spell your last name". Suuuure.
By the By - B is also for Bastet, Babelfish, Baboo (my sweet), Baffle, Baba Yaga, Balm, Bake, Balloon, Bamboozle, Beetle, Bewitch, Blustery, Butter, Boustrophedonic, Butterfly, Beguile, and Byzantium.