This list came from Jennifer.

  1. I have made bad decisions
  2. I love Twinkies
  3. I am VERY politically correct
  4. I used to watch He-Man and She-Ra
  5. I have no children.
  6. I'm a good judge of character...just don't follow the gut feeling often enough
  7. I need to stop needing so much damn sleep.
  8. I hate people who don't put periods at the ends of their sentences the sentence ends but you have to guess as to when and that's too much effort 4 me
  9. I own movies that I rarely, if ever watch.
  10. I LOVE snow and winter.
  11. I am terrified of losing my two front teeth
  12. I make really good potatoes au gratin.
  13. I have trouble finding pants that fit the way I'd like them to.
  14. I've been to Los Angeles.
  15. I wish I was a few inches taller.
  16. I'm not a member of the mile-high club.
  17. I want an electric blanket.
  18. I have a lot to learn.
  19. I love Christmas so very very much.
  20. I have never tried sushi
  21. I love musicals.
  22. I love cats.
  23. My bedroom is almost always a mess.
  24. I miss having a dog sometimes.
  25. I hate my knees.
  26. I have issues.
  27. I love muppets.
  28. I'm pissy when I go shopping and people are rude.
  29. I stopped worrying so much about what people think about me.
  30. I wish my nails would grow.
  31. I am somewhat fascinated by male genitalia.
  32. I love pizza.
  33. I worry. A LOT.
  34. I waste a lot of time on my computer.
  35. There are a lot of people I would love to tell off, but don't.
  36. I don't mind doing dishes anymore.
  37. I hate cleaning up gross stuff like maggoty garbage.
  38. I love Sharpies.
  39. I used to live near the water, and that's all I miss about Southern CA.
  40. I used to watch too much Nick At Night.Wait. I still do.
  41. I really enjoy creative and personal gifts, even if they cost nothing.
  42. I think all people should be able to talk about sex openly.
  43. I made all my Christmas cards this year. 44.I wish a Souplantation would open in MA.
  44. Sometimes I wish I had done some things differently.
  45. Most of my memories start around age 2.
  46. I don't know how to ski.
  47. I hate when people don't take the time to punctuate or capitalize.
  48. I miss my first car.
  49. I regret many of the things I wore in the eighties.Thanks mom.
  50. I love Harry Potter.
  51. I over extend myself, when deciding what to make for people.
  52. I miss some of the traditions my parents used to do with me and my sister.
  53. I think I worry a lot, but don't see myself making any changes.
  54. I love popcorn flavored jellybeans.
  55. I have ALOT of dreams.
  56. I love Lord of the Rings.
  57. I grew up on Elvis and Michael Jackson.
  58. I can eat a lot of food if I'm hungry enough.
  59. I've changed my career aspirations ALOT.
  60. I like cake.
  61. I've never used an illegal drug.
  62. I like to be barefoot.
  63. I don't have "emotional" PMS.
  64. I once was on anti-depressants.
  65. I almost expect people to be mean, when I used to be optimistic.
  66. I want more money. (isn't that kind of a worldwide given?)
  67. I hate hanging out with groups of people. I prefer one on one time.
  68. I want more friends.
  69. I can pretty clearly see where I have gone wrong in my life.
  70. I'm not married.
  71. I've RARELY cut people out of my life and regretted it.
  72. I've cut people out of my life, and not regretted it for a second.
  73. The string theory confuses me. (partly because I've never heard of it...)
  74. I want to get in a hot tub.
  75. I don't play RPGs.
  76. I am generally happy.
  77. I love good books.
  78. I used to regularly download from Napster.
  79. I have tangly hair.
  80. I've never seen Duran Duran in concert.
  81. I've written in journals since I was twelve.
  82. I believe in something bigger than me.
  83. I am sick of doctors.
  84. I am shy with most people I meet.
  85. I don't comprehend numbers.
  86. I want to travel more.
  87. I have only tried smoking twice.
  88. I'm right handed.
  89. It's been too long since I've taken a bubble bath.
  90. I'm scared of being hurt again.
  91. I am afraid of being the Elizabeth Taylor of my friends and getting married like, eight times.
  92. I don't exercise enough.
  93. I don't trust a lot of people.
  94. I usually don't mind the hospital TOO much.
  95. It sucks to be broke.
  96. But it makes payday that much better
  97. I have tattoos.
  98. I watch too much TV.
  99. I am often cold hot.