This list came from Vaysha.

  1. I never drink soda pop. I am a coffee snob (not any old coffee will do and I love herbal teas, mostly chai, jasmine, chamomile and peppermint
  2. I love morrocon decor, persian rugs and heavy velvet and brocade fabrics
  3. I'm terrible at keeping in regular touch with friends. I go through long bouts of being reclusive and it puts some people whom need regular contact with friends off.
  4. I'm also horrible about writing/replying to email in a timely manner.
  5. If I had to name five memorable books off the top of my head they would be Siddartha by Herman Hesse, The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck, The Mists of Avalon, The book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera, Delta of Venus by Anais Nin and The Witching Hour by Anne Rice- I am a huge Anne Rice fan.
  6. I love thunder and lightening storms.
  7. I am a fierce believer in love and kindness making a difference.
  8. I am also a fierce believer in finding your own style and individuality .
  9. I'm really easily distracted.
  10. I own tarot cards.
  11. I once had a song written about me.
  12. Isabelle Adanji takes my breath away. Beautiful. Beautiful.
  13. I have a peculiar thing with the number 13 and think it is a magical and lucky number- I got married on the 13th.
  14. I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive. (And not in the "Oh, I'm just saying that because I'm a whacky gal!" kind of way.)
  15. I lived in Europe until just before I began elementary school
  16. I have been the oldest, the youngest, the middle and the only child in my family I have always wondered if this makes me extra well rounded or totally f*cked up. :oP17.
  17. I like french accents- I use to ask an old lover to speak french to me- I know it sounds incredibly cheesy but it just about made me come every time he whispered french in my ear while ravishing me- I have no idea what he said, nor do I care, heh.
  18. I am not where I thought I'd be five years ago.
  19. The ocean haunts me.
  20. I want to go back to Europe. I also want to visit India, Nepal and Tibet.
  21. I'm all for gay rights.
  22. I love Nina Simone, billy holiday and old smoky jazz music
  23. I love movies.
  24. I fell and broke my ankle rescuing my eldest son from a hornets nest when he was small- we were bitten pretty bad too
  25. I am allergic to all opiates and to sulfa
  26. My eyes are hazel- green
  27. I think I'm odd looking.
  28. I envy people who make friends easy. I am very shy and quiet in person unless I instantly click with someone and I tend to be reserved upon first meeting new people- giving the impression I am aloof.
  29. I have little feet.
  30. Social anxiety? Oh, yes.
  31. Aesthetically, I think that the violin is the most beautiful instrument in existence.
  32. I'm becoming increasingly guarded the older I get.
  33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
  34. I have great eyesight and a fabulous sense of smell to make up for my hearing loss
  35. Try as I might, I simply cannot keep a "normal" sleeping schedule.
  36. when people call my house they often say, is your mom home?
  37. I'm fairly thin, but the amount of food I can eat would appall you. This has changed some since I quit smoking, my metabolism has slowed some.
  38. Aside from when I was born, I have only had short hair once in my life.
  39. I'm a witch. take that in whatever way you wish. :)
  40. I love, love, love music.
  41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Still, I'll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.
  42. I have eight piercings.
  43. I'm a bad bad person who downloads music rather than buying CDs (I buy it if I really like it).
  44. I was a musician's wife and all that entailed including road trips and being abandoned for the road with a newborn and an eighteen month old. I hated, hated the lack of privacy that being a musicians wife meant in our city but I made some amazing life long friends too.
  45. I've had emetophobia since I was 4 years old
  46. I have occasional bouts of autophobia
  47. I am a cat person
  48. I'm get obsessed with routine or a lack of it and swing from one to the other.
  49. My mother is amazing.
  50. I collect memories- I am ridiculously sentimental about eras in my life and people I once knew to the point of being maudlin- it's almost embarrassing but I secretly love it.
  51. I have a weakness for geeky men, tall gangly , bookish, big noses, awkward, funny looking- they make me swoooooon.
  52. I love mythology.
  53. I have to admit I enjoyed sharing a childhood disease with my kids- I got chicken pox with them about 4 years ago. I was pretty sick with it though, but as we were recovering it was fun to be all spotted with them and get taken care of by Dean
  54. I am often shocked at how bad people are at listening these days
  55. I dream of people who have died in my life often
  56. I rarely use a hairdryer or product in my hair.
  57. I takes me a long time to trust people.
  58. I'm extremely picky about social graces and find the nouveau riche, for the most part to have deplorable social graces.
  59. I have severe white coat anxiety
  60. I am a super heavy sleeper.
  61. I am pretty absentminded.
  62. I don't like pop music, rap or heavy metal
  63. I go through candles like water
  64. I'm attracted to people that make me think.
  65. I feel there are not enough hours in a day.
  66. I hate going to the gym or any sort of organized exercise. 67.I am terrible at figuring out most directions of any sort- I panic and get brain freeze.
  67. I love men, I find them to be fascinating and highly under rated.
  68. Unless I know you well, or I am in a situation where it is unavoidable, it is rare that I let people see me without makeup on, even though I don't wear a lot of it.
  69. I believe in astrology but not necessarily horoscopes
  70. I usually always take baths and I almost always use essential oils in my bath 72 I love clowns and old porcelain dolls
  71. I believe in soul mates.
  72. I enjoy stand up comedy.
  73. Summer is my favorite season.
  74. I am determined to maintain my sense of idealism even if it means people think I am stupid or silly
  75. I'm double-jointed in my fingers and my hips.
  76. I rarely paint my fingernails, but my toenails are always polished.
  77. I'm very loyal.
  78. I can't swim well. I wasn't allowed to because of my ear and so I never really learned
  79. I love platform heels, but I can scarcely walk in them, despite the fact that I use to dance in them all the time
  80. I think pregnant women are absolutely breathtaking.
  81. I really do look for the best in a person or situation and would likely make excuses for the devil's bad behavior
  82. In person, I internalize most of my thoughts until I'm really comfortable with you.
  83. I took tap dancing lessons for quite a while as a little girl
  84. I think way too much for my own good and spend a lot of time woolgathering
  85. I don't drink ice teas, juices or any store cooler drink
  86. I love to cook and am rather good at it.
  87. I've travelled to Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, England, Scotland and Germany (the latter three when I was very small)
  88. I use my hands a lot when I am talking.
  89. I am a total home person and prefer to have people over rather than go out (92. I love willow trees, dragon flies and lakes
  90. I am almost 5'6".
  91. I've knowingly done illegal things. I'll leave it at that. ;)
  92. I have been a non smoker for almost 10 months- this is huge for me as I absolutely loved smoking, loved it - it was a huge part of who I was and while I still miss certain things about it- especially when I am tense quitting is one of my greatest accomplishments considering how addicted I was.
  93. I LOVE Christmas. (And Halloween!)
  94. I think fat women are beautiful.
  95. I am very rarely satisfied with anything that I create.
  96. I pretty much only watch CSI and A&E unsolved mysteries- unless there is a movie on I think tv is a waste of time unless you are sickly.
  97. I'm probably not the person you think I am.